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Simulation of LTE transmitter in SpectreRF (Read 59 times)
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Simulation of LTE transmitter in SpectreRF
Oct 01st, 2018, 4:40pm
I noticed that MMSIM in SpectreRF offers some new modulated sources for many wireless standards, such as LTE, WiLAN, Bluetooth, etc., under the rfLib library. I read the documentation examples and managed to simulate the EVM, spectrum, and constellation diagram of a behavioral transmitter frontend using the passband models. This was done by using the new "wireless" option under the envelope analysis simualtion. My question, however, is the following:

Can I use the wireless analysis to simulate an entire transmitter (DAC, baseband filter, upconverter, and PA) at transistor level with an LTE signal as the input? As far as I know, the common way is to simulate a very long transient using pwl sources with the signal generated in MATLAB, and post-process the results from SpectreRF in MATLAB to generate EVM, constellations, etc. Unfortunately, this method takes too long (especially post-layout). So, I was wondering whether there's a faster alternative to get a feeling of my LTE transmitter performance at transistor level.

Thank you for your time  :)
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