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Question about NoiseType = Jitter (Read 64 times)
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Question about NoiseType = Jitter
Oct 22nd, 2017, 1:19am
Hi all,

I have some confusions about my simulation setup for the noise of a VCO + buffer circuit, which is used inside a PLL.

The buffer converts the sinusoidal signal from the VCO to rail-to-rail square-wave signals which are driving subsequent frequency dividers.
Since the frequency dividers are edge-triggered, I'm using PSS+PNOISE analysis with NoiseType=jitter.

I am using Cadence version IC 6.1.7

- When I tick the NoiseType = jitter box, the PNOISE form talks about "PM jitter for autonomous circuits", shouldn't this be FM jitter since it's an autonomous circuit?

- When the simulation finishes and I go to the "Direct Plot" form, I can choose between Jee, Jc and Jcc jitter. However, I thought that Jee was defined for driven circuits only? What does Jee represent in this case?

Could someone explain please? Many thanks!
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