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Phase noise using noisetype=sources vs noisetype=pmjitter (Read 77 times)
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Phase noise using noisetype=sources vs noisetype=pmjitter
Jul 19th, 2017, 6:20am

I have few question regarding pnoise available in spectreRF.

1) For a square wave, the phase information is only present at the rising or falling edges. Thus, the phase noise(in dBc/Hz) obtained from noisetype=sources will be equal to the one obtained from the one using noisetype=pmjitter(the voltage noise is converted to phase noise).

Is the above reasoning applicable to sinusoid oscillators(VCO,crystal)? I think pmjitter cannot be applied to these cases. So if there are sinusoid then only noisetype=sources is applicable.

2) For a driven circuit, if one limits the amplitude using a VCVS(limiter with gain=1 around the threshold crossing) and use noisetype=sources. The phasenoise obtained using this method will be the same as the one obtained using pmjitter. So the utility of pmjitter is not clear. Can someone clarify?


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