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Validation of $write() for encrypted Verilog-A modules in Cadence Tool (Read 58 times)
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Validation of $write() for encrypted Verilog-A modules in Cadence Tool
Jun 19th, 2017, 8:40am
I can encrypt the "" file in both Cadence Tool and Synopsys HSPICE.

For Cadence Tool
unix> ncprotect -extension vap -language vlog -autoprotect 

For Synopsys HSPICE
unix> metaencrypt -i -o mymodule.vap -t randkey 

My Verilog-A module includes $write().
analog begin
   @(initial_step) begin
	   0 : $write("%M: Constant Current Mode(Inom=%.2fuA)\n", Inom/1u);

	   1 : $write("%M: Constant Resistance Mode(Vnom=%gVolts, Inom=%.2fuA, Rnom=%.2fkohm)\n",
		 Vnom, Inom/1u, Rnom/1k);

	   2 : $write("%M: Clip Current Mode(Imin=%.2fuA, Imax=%.2fuA, Vth=%gVolts, Vknee=%gVolts)\n",
		 Imin/1u, Imax/1u, Vth, Vknee); 

In HSPICE, $write() is valid even for encrypted Verilog-A modules.

However $write() is not valid for encrypted Verilog-A modules in Cadence Tools.

How can I make $write() valid in Cadence Tool ?
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